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Magenta, blue, and shades of purple make up this lightweight Summertime bandana. Clear rhinestones strategically placed at the tip of the bandana to add some character, and light purple ties with silver metal bell stoppers on the back of this bandana come together to add a sophisticated touch.

Size Guide:
*Ties may vary slightly in length but are approx. 5" long. You can cut the tie to shorten if needed.*

  • Small: Approx. 10.5" (tie not included) Fits Toy Breeds (ex. Shih Tzu)
  • Medium: Approx. 14.5" (tie not included) Fits Medium Sized Breeds (ex. Cattle Dogs)
  • Large: Approx. 17.5" (tie not included) Fits Large Breeds (ex. German Shepherd)

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